The most common issue that users face is data damage. It sits at the top of the list problems faced by the QuickBooks users. The QuickBooks support team will help you with fix the damage incurred to the file in QuickBooks. QuickBooks is a reliable software but sometimes it can have issues too.

QuickBooks support provides you with the following steps to resolve data damage issues:

1st Step- Rebuild the data utility

  1. Go to the menu go to utilities and then select rebuild data.
  2. The information window will ask for permission, you need to click OK. Then you go along with prompts to proceed for the back-up of data.
  3. Once the rebuild is finished click OK

2nd Step- Verify data utility

After the process of rebuilding data, you move on to verifying the data utility. The process of data verifying data utility is as follows:

  1. Go to the file menu then utilities and click on verify data.
  2. Once verification process is done and the screen displays that no problem was detected with the data then you can click OK. This means there is no data error with your file you may continue to use the file.
  3. In case after verification there is some problem with the data there will be a pop up window which will ask you to rebuild now or to view errors. Here too you will select Ok and perform the procedures mentioned in it.

Review the last verify/ build

  1. You will need to go to the product information window and review the last rebuild/ verify.
  2. The result screen will show the error.

Review the QBWin.log

You should perform the following step only if you are good at working with QBWin.log or the QuickBooks.log file. If in case you face problems with the log files then you should contact QuickBooks support at +1-888-476-8944 to receive help.

  1. look for QBWin.log or QuickBooks.log in your system.
  2. Once you find them you need verify them.
  3. You need to look for LVL_ERROR, once you spot the line contact the QuickBooks support.

Mac users will be able to perform some additional data damage troubleshooting.

Re-sorting the list

You can resort your list and put your records back in order. All the manual changes done to the list will be undone once you resort the list.

Using the reports, you can also identify the problems in transactions.

Running Balance sheet in cash and accrual basis

  1. Go to the reports menu and select the company and financial, under that select the balance sheet detail.
  2. Now go to options and select accrual or cash for the basis of report. If you do not find the equity in the assets and liability report, look for the transaction causing the issue. Back-up the company file then delete that particular transaction which contains the error and re-enter the transaction details.

Comparing the account report totals to chart of accounts balance

  1. The user has to compare the total in the invoices report (reports menu, customers and receivables, open invoices) to the charts of accounts balance.
  2. Then you need to compare the total in unpaid bills report (reports menu, vendors and payables, and unpaid bills’ details) to the accounts payable on the chart of accounts.

If the total is not matching then you have to look for the transaction that is causing the issue, delete it and re-enter the transaction again after creating a back-up of company file and perform specific accounts check.

Uncategorized expenses

When the process of rebuild takes place, sometime it may put out-of-balance transactions in the account. This happens to balance the transactions. What usually happens is that these accounts notify you about voided checks. The voided check may be with any account which may not even have an item name or account associated with it. You have to determine the accounts with voided checks transactions. Once you locate the item and the account on the transaction, you just simply need to delete and re-enter those transactions.

Undeposited funds

  1. Go to activities and select make deposits.
  2. Select all

The total amount in deposit should be equal to the balance on the chart of accounts for undeposited funds. You have to make sure it does not show any negative amount in the deposit.

Combining damaged accounts, items or names

For damaged accounts

  1. Go to the lists menu and choose chart of accounts.
  2. Press control + the damaged account and select edit account.
  3. Add an asterisk (*) to mark the damaged account name and select cancel.
  4. Select any other account while you hold the control key.
  5. Now select a new account.
  6. Select the type of account that is appropriate and the enter the name of the account that had a problem.
  7. Now press OK.
  8. Now choose the original account while holding the control key. Select edit account.
  9. Remove the asterisk (*) from the account name and select OK.
  10. Now press OK to merge the two accounts.

For damaged items

  1. Go to the lists menu and select items. (the items you select should of the same type.)
  2. Press control and choose the damaged item. Select edit item.
  3. Add an asterisk (*) to the item name and then click on cancel.
  4. Now again you need to select an item holding the control key.
  5. Select the new item.
  6. Enter the original name of the item that has the problem after selecting the appropriate type.
  7. Now click OK.
  8. Click yes to confirm merging of two items.

For damaged names

  1. You have select the appropriate field (customer, vendor or employee) for the type of name you need merge (you have to choose the name that are of the same types.)
  2. Press control key and select the damaged name and choose edit.
  3. Add an asterisk (*) to the name and select cancel.
  4. Press control and select any name.
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  6. Enter the original name after choosing the appropriate type.
  7. Then click OK.
  8. Press control and choose the original name and select edit.
  9. Now remove the asterisk (*) and edit the original name and click Ok.
  10. Press yes to confirm the merging of two names.

Remove memorized reports or transactions

To remove memorized transactions

  1. Go to the list menu and choose memorized transactions.
  2. Select the transaction that needs to be deleted.
  3. In the edit menu select delete memorized transaction.
  4. Press OK to delete the memorized transaction.

To remove memorized reports

  1. Go to the report menu and choose the report center.
  2. Choose the report name you want to delete.
  3. Select the red ‘X’ and click OK this will delete the memorized report.
Contact QuickBooks Support for fixing any damage data

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