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Georgia, a country at the intersection of Europe and Asia, is a former Soviet republic that’s home to Caucasus Mountain villages and Black Sea beaches. It’s famous for Vardzia, a sprawling cave monastery dating to the 12th century, and the ancient wine-growing region Kakheti. The capital, Tbilisi, is known for the diverse architecture and mazelike, cobblestone streets of its old town

Georgia isn’t called Georgia

At least, not by Georgians. They call their country Sakartvelo. The origins of the country’s name in English are obscure. One theory points to the Middle Ages when Christian crusaders swept through the region on their way to the Holy Land. At that time, it was part of the Persian Empire and the people here were known as “Gurj”. They were also devotees of St George. The theory has it that the crusaders made the connection and named the country Georgia. These days, there’s no mistaking the link to St George. A golden statue of the saint slaying a dragon dominates Tbilisi’s central square. He is also Georgia’s patron saint and the national flag featuring his red cross on a white background is everywhere. There is a lot of body contact between men in Georgia. Men stroll down the main avenue arm-in-arm, or lounge on street corners, limbs entwined. A casual observer might be forgiven for thinking that this was a sign of tolerance towards homosexuality. They’d probably be wrong. According to surveys, Georgia is one of the world’s most homophobic countries – attitudes that came to the surface in May during a violent anti-gay demonstration in Tbilisi. Tens of thousands of people were angry because a group of gay rights activists had wanted to gather for 30 minutes against homophobic violence. The anti-gay protesters shouted slogans through megaphones, and called for “gays to go back to Europe”. Many other Georgians, though, were shocked by the display of intolerance, describing it as “a sad day for Georgia.”

Georgia QuickBooks Support number, Georgia QuickBooks phone number

Setting up the books for your small business can be quite overwhelming. Unless you have prior accounting or bookkeeping knowledge, you will need some help getting started with QuickBooks. Luckily, you don’t need an accounting background to complete the QuickBooks set up process; our step-by-step course was created just for QuickBooks beginners like you

A business without a vision is like a ship without a rudder. You need to define it early on to set everything else into motion.

Writing a mission statement is a good idea to lay this foundation. In a few paragraphs, identify your company goals and high-level strategy to accomplish them.

  1. Mission statement: “We’re in the business to save our home planet.”
  2. Narrative: “Our reason for being”
  3. List: “Core values,” etc.

When writing out your vision, be as clear and to the point as you can be. Use the example above to write a powerful and motivational message to inspire team members to work together towards a common goal.

Research your Market Opportunity

There’s a lot to consider when starting a new business—everything from developing your product or service to accounting, legal, marketing, and more.

It’s easy to focus too much on small details before you see the big picture.

That’s why you should first validate that you have a strong business opportunity. Here are some critical steps to follow:

Select a Product or Service

It may sound obvious but what will your business sell and how do you plan to be different than competitors (e.g., what is your value proposition or unique selling proposition)?

Define your target market

Who will your business serve? Begin with demographics like age, gender, income, location, etc. Then, go deeper through personas or a customer journey map.

Identify key Competitors

Having competition is a good thing. It means there’s demand. Compare similar products or services to your own both to replicate what your market loves and differentiate

QuickBooks Pro is a financial accounting software designed by Intuit. Intended for implementation by small and mid-sized businesses, the software provides a variety of features geared towards assisting users to manage all of their accounting tasks, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliation, payroll as well as financial reporting. Costing at $299.99 in 2016, there are a number of advantages small business owners obtain from making use of QuickBooks Pro.

QuickBooks Pro is included with functions meant to help small and mid-sized companies in handling their funds. One feature of the software enables users to key in the due dates and transaction details for all recurring invoices. As invoices are pending, users can print checks straightaway from QuickBooks. Additionally, every transaction is documented for easy accessibility at the time of future audits

Whenever carrying out business, experts usually rack up a number of expenditures which are later on billed to clients. These may perhaps be small expenses, like mileage and dinners, or even huge expenses, like prolonged global traveling. Irrespective of the size or kind of expense, QuickBooks Pro keeps the ability that enables users to document each one of these.

Furthermore, expenditures can be saved in accordance with client or task, providing users the advantage of not having to reconcile them individually.

QuickBooks Accounting Software presents the time-saving feature of keeping track of sales and instantly generating receipts and invoices at the single click of a mouse. Invoices may then be electronically delivered to customers by means of email. The software furthermore enables customers to be charged separately or in large batches. The latter functionality can be specifically useful whenever billing several clients for the same service.

End users that sign up for Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Services get the additional advantage of being in a position to accept credit as well as debit card fees via QuickBooks Pro. On top of that, end users that sign up for Intuit Check Solution for QuickBooks get the feature to scan and deposit checks into the software, getting rid of the requirement to manually key in the data.

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