Step 1: You need to confirm some information about you as a security step. In case you don’t remember the info then:

  1. Open QuickBooks desktop and in the login window click on the forgot password link. 
  2. Fill out the information on the form that appears after you click forgot password. You will need to enter your license number for the version of QuickBooks desktop you’re using. You can press F2 from the login window to see your license number. You will also need to fill out the details for name, email address, phone number and ZIP code that you entered when you purchased the product.
  3. Select OK after entering all the details. You will receive a code at your registered mobile number. 
  4. Use this code to enter back in the QuickBooks desktop. QuickBooks will then guide you to creating a new admin password.

In case the password reset doesn’t work

  1. Double check the information that you have entered make sure there are no typing errors and the information should match with the information you entered in CAMPS.
  2. If you still get an error or need help in setting the password then try using the automated reset tool. 

How to reset a user password

  1. Sign in as the admin user or ask the admin user to sign in for you.
  2. Go to company and click on setup users and passwords. 
  3. Click on set up users.
  4. If prompted then you need to enter the admin password again.
  5. In the user list select the user that needs a password change.
  6. Select edit user.
  7. Enter a new password.
  8. Click on next and then click on finish.
  9. To log in again as the user log out.
  10. Now log in again as the user using the new password.

With technology improving our lives on a daily basis, we design the software according to your needs and to meet the budding requirements. QuickBooks regularly gets updated with new features, our aim is to make your life simple and give you more time to be productive. To avail the new features, you need to update the QuickBooks software. Our support team will help you with updating the software to its latest version. 

QuickBooks desktop can be updated automatically or manually. You can turn on auto-update where the software will update itself automatically irrespective of the fact if the software is running or not. It will automatically get updated to the latest release. But if you wish to update the software manually then you can do so by turning off the auto-update but you will have to update the software at least once a month to avail new features and benefits.

QuickBooks by intuit is primarily marketed to non-profit and small businesses likes cafes, bakery, book-keeping etc. It also allows users to manage a variety of financial records like sales receipts, tax forms, inventory records etc. QuickBooks is so simple to use that one does not need an in-depth knowledge about accounting. The USA QuickBooks help desk number provides you with prompt and responsive customer support 24 x 7. QuickBooks allows you to:

  • Faster online payments with QuickBooks
  • It saves time because QuickBooks allows the user to handle all the tasks using the QuickBooks software. 
  • QuickBooks is an affordable software that saves money
  • It can help you design business plan and help your business grow
  • It helps you generate receipts easily with the required information. 
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Allows online payments of bills easily
How to reset the Admin Password?

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