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This article will provide you complete information regarding how to manage employee Payroll Settings and for further queries you can directly contact to our QuickBooks Customer Support.

First step: Choose the pay schedule for your employees

Remember that the pay schedule should consist of pay date and a work period.

Pay date: the day when employees receive their pay. They can either received via cheque or direct deposit to their bank accounts.

Pay period or work period: the working time duration of the employees. 

How online payroll service works?

It determines the pay period of employees only when you have set up the correct pay frequency and the pay period ending. You can change the pay period when setting up or editing a pay schedule. 

As an in case of employees you need to choose the criteria related to how often you will pay to your employees, while you can also see the listing listed below:

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Let us know a quick systematic instruction:

First step: take the EIN {Employer Identification number}

Before you hire someone, get the EIN first also known as employer tax ID.

Second step: Acquire a local or state business Id {if important}

You might not be aware that state and local government often requires companies to have ID numbers for tax processing. Contact your local and state government officials to find out if you need an additional tax ID number. 

Third step: You have to list down the information of your team

As soon as you become an employer, you will have the responsibility for filling the reports and taxes on behalf of your teammates. Following details need to be there:

.Full name

.Employment start or termination date

.Tax filing number (Social Security number or EIN)

.Date of birth

.Current address

.Compensation details: Make sure you take the step of putting details about compensation in writing to prevent disagreements from popping up.

.Form I-9 to verify employees’ eligibility for employment in the US

A W-4 for employees (or a W-9 for independent contractors)

Fourth step: arrange or classify your employees

Before you do down the information or add the payroll numbers, you need to know about that who is an independent contractor and who is a full-time or part-time employee.

However, why is it necessary?

If you accidentally classify an employee as an independent contractor, for example, you would not withhold income taxes for them or pay any payroll taxes. That means you could get stuck paying back payroll taxes because of your mistake. 

Fifth step: now select a pay period

Firstly, identify the situation and the state:

Sixth step: click or pick one payroll system

Before selecting any payroll system, ask the experience entrepreneurs to get a quick idea that is whether you need a payroll in house or to outsource it.

Seventh step: once you fulfil all the above listed criteria then you can start on things like pay periods, you can actually start paying people. We hope some of that excitement you feel about your business is creeping back in.

If You Want To Manage Employee Payroll Settings , Then Contact QuickBooks Customer Support [888-476-8944]

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