QuickBooks file doctor is a diagnostic tool used to resolve errors in the company files and networks. This tool has been included in all the QuickBooks versions that were released from 2016. This software was launched by the Intuit Inc. The QuickBooks file doctor is responsible for preventing the data from getting damaged or corrupt. It tests the user’s network and tries to fix the concerned network issues that are causing the problems with the QuickBooks software. 

Network errors prevent the access of the company file due to connectivity errors. QuickBooks is used in various computer systems which is synched on an interconnected network. QuickBooks software interlinks the different computers through a network itself. This network is important to keep a track of everything that is happening on the different systems. But if this network gets disabled then QuickBooks will not function properly. 

If a QuickBooks company file gets corrupted it results in inaccessibility to the QuickBooks software and restricts the user from verifying and rebuilding the features provided by it. To use the QuickBooks file doctor, you have to make sure it is installed in your computer and make sure you have the latest version as it will improve the error solving process. This application was released in the year 2012 to resolve all the errors faced by the users. Originally this tool was divided into 2 applications- the file diagnostic had a separate application and the network errors had a separate application. But later they were clubbed together as a single application. The idea is to save the user’s time, and all the errors could be resolved by themselves and they would not have to wait for a professional to come over and resolve their issues. 

The QuickBooks file doctor helps the user with many issues like:

  • You are not able to open the company file and get the following error messages: -6150, -6000 –82, -6000 –305, -6147 etc.
  • Issues with connectivity that occurs with the connectivity of your network.
  • Distinct errors that keep occurring on the company file.
  • There are missing/ blank lists of customers, employees and vendors.
  • Error opening QuickBooks over a network or multi-user set up.
  • Your data has been damaged.
  • You are not able to update QuickBooks.
  • Windows registry facing corruption.
  • Presence of malware.
  • Access has been denied to the QuickBooks database service manager.
  • Errors appear when you install the software. 
  • Your core data files have incurred damage.

How to use the QuickBooks file doctor:

  1. Open QuickBooks
  2. Try not to open any corrupt file, wait.
  3. Click on file.
  4. Select utilities in the file option.
  5. Then click on repair file and network problems.
  6. A prompt will be displayed asking for your permission to collect information about the private QuickBooks information. This will allow the doctor to diagnose accurately. Click on yes.
  7. Now click on browse.
  8. Open you company files.
  9. After that select advanced setting.
  10. Look for the best fitting solution to the problem that you are facing.
  11. QuickBooks will ask you for your login and ID password to proceed further. 
  12. Then select next.
  13. If you have reached this point then QuickBooks doctor will open. 
  14. The procedure of diagnosing and repair will take a few minutes.
  15. Once done with the process try opening the file again. 

The doctor file will resolve the issues depending on the size of the company file. QuickBooks doctor file should easily diagnose and repair the problem within a few minutes to an hour. But if you are still facing issues then feel free to contact the customer service at @+1-888-476-8944. You will need the credentials of an administrator in order to gain access to the file doctor. The company file size should not exceed 2GB of data. You should have a proper internet connection for the file doctor to function properly. If your systems have different versions of QuickBooks software then the file doctor is subject malfunction. To avoid this complication, make sure your QuickBooks software on all the system is updated to the latest version. QuickBooks file doctor is only available on windows it is not available on Mac. 

Know how QuickBooks file doctor can help you resolve your network issues

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