The error in payroll functions can be due to the following reasons:

  1. Incorrect system date and properties.
  2. General internet connection issues.
  3. Invalid security certificate.
  4. A network time out prevents QuickBooks desktop from accessing the server.
  5. Internet security and personal firewall software settings. 

To resolve these issues:

  1. Reboot your computer.
  2. Check your system time and date settings and change them if they are not set correctly.
  3. Make sure you have the latest payroll update. 

Intuit has developed an accounting software called QuickBooks this software offers you accounting applications that make your life easy. They help you manage business payments, pay bills and also provide you with payroll functions. It’s a one stop solution for small and medium businesses. This software will help in maintaining a record of your business like the expenses and income; all your bank transactions (payments, sales and inventory). It is a popular choice because it prepares payrolls and it also keeps a record of your customer and vendor information. All these functions can be done in one place saving time and proper organization of all the finance related data in one place. If there are issues with your software or if you are simply new to this software then you can refer to the QuickBooks support and the QuickBooks technical support service respectively.

Our service list does not end here you can take a look at the other issues we can help you resolve. Our support extends to QuickBooks POS software, which is also used to manage sales, inventory and customer information. Our service extends to resolving troubleshoot, help you set up custom reporting migration of data from old accounting software to QuickBooks, help you with regular file cleanup, and other services. 

Unable to do payroll? Contact Quickbooks Technical Support

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